Revenge Porn Hero

Could You Go To Jail For Revenge Porn?

Revenge Porn is a thing. And Social Media is making it a much more frightening situation. What is Revenge Porn? Revenge Porn is a private message or video that was […]

Poppy Pinot Noir 2013 ClassySharelle Wine Review

Poppy Pinot Noir 2013

There are times that I am not looking to have a beefy, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon. Sometimes I want something light but dry…and not a white wine. That is when I […]

Socially Insensitive

Is Your Social Media Socially Insensitive?

Last week was one of the most tumultuous weeks in American History. Especially for Black people. I actually stopped doing anything online other than checking my email by Friday. I […]

Some Respect on my Personal Space

Put Some Respect on my Personal Space #TheRules

People are culturally different when it comes to personal space. Some people get close enough to bump you, while it seems like other people get close enough to suck your […]

Friends Who Need the Boot

Four Types of Friends Who Need the Boot!

Do you ever find yourself having the same conversation about the same person over and over again (with different people), about how much they hurt you, how negative they are […]

White Party San Francisco Oakland Richmond

The 1st Friday’s White Party Do’s and Donts! #WhitePartyBayArea

It is about that time, you have been working out all Summertime…you know getting Summertime fine. You guessed it, Its White Party Season in the San Francisco Bay Area and […]

Games Box Final

Snapchat on my Popsugar #MustHaveBox

I was so excited when I received my June #MustHaveBox compliments of Popsugar! You all are my people and you know that I LOVE to Snapchat everything that gets me […]

Your Exs Friend Social Etiquette Relationships

5 Rules for When You See Your Ex’s Friend

My Personal Mantra is: “Always dress like you might run into your Ex, no matter what.” This is usually what I say to myself when I feel like wearing Yoga […]

How to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better

How to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better!

I have been drinking Red Wine for a few years now and I have become very fond of the strong and savory taste that a good red wine delivers. I […]

5 Places - Yoga Pants

5 Places That You Should Not Wear Yoga Pants!

I Heart Yoga Pants. Next to losing weight and making money yoga pants are like my favorite thing. I work from home about 70% of the time and I slip […]