5 Rules for When You See Your Ex’s Friend

Your Exs Friend Social Etiquette Relationships

My Personal Mantra is: “Always dress like you might run into your Ex, no matter what.” This is usually what I say to myself when I feel like wearing Yoga pants, but I know that I need to be on… Continue Reading

How to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better!

How to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better

I have been drinking Red Wine for a few years now and I have become very fond of the strong and savory taste that a good red wine delivers. I was at an event at Holman Ranch and the delightful… Continue Reading

5 Places That You Should Not Wear Yoga Pants!

5 Places - Yoga Pants

I Heart Yoga Pants. Next to losing weight and making money yoga pants are like my favorite thing. I work from home about 70% of the time and I slip them on in the morning so that I am gym… Continue Reading

Some #Oakland Snaps During The NBA Finals


Oakland is my Home. While I do not live there anymore, I still love it like that old blanket that reminds you where you really came from. Here are a few Snaps from me during the NBA Finals 2016! Please… Continue Reading

Is It OK to Curse Around Kids?

Cuss Around Kids

I must admit that I probably do not have the cleanest mouth, especially when I am in closed company. I use all of the big words, my fave is dropping the F-bomb. Yes, ClassySharelle, isn’t always so classy. I was… Continue Reading

My Snaps from Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley! #SharellesSnaps

Holman Ranch Hero - Snaps

This fun and beautiful set of Snaps from my SnapChat is when I spent an overnight stay at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley! It was totally beautiful and these Snaps show a little bit of it AND why I was… Continue Reading

Earl Stevens Red Function – No Games

Red Function Red Wine

So I drink wine. But this Red Function had me like….whoa. It has a nice taste, kinda tart (like a typical red) with a little pop of sweet…for the Urban in you that might still love Red KoolAid too (no… Continue Reading

What NOT to Do During a Curves Workout! #GymEtiquette


When you are super busy Curves is the BEST workout. It’s a small, all-women positive environment and it’s quick. I am all about Curves. However, there are some things that are not cool that I am noticing happening at Curves.… Continue Reading