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14 Must Have Beauty Products to Keep it Sexy For Your Man!

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Hey Ladies! It is slowly becoming wintertime and the weather is no joke on our skin and our beauty. It is about that time to get your home spa (the bathroom) up to snuff and for you to score some Must Have Beauty Products to help you keep it sexy for your man.

I feel like beauty comes from the inside out and I would rather put a little more work into it than to put fake stuff on top of it to look good. No shade to my make-up mavens, but I am not trying to get up daily and pile on pounds of product when I can just start now taking care of the beautiful canvas that God has given me!

So lets get this Sexy For Your Man party started!

1. Macadamia Professional | Ultra Rich Moisture Hydration Masque

I spend a LOT of time (and money) keeping my hair moisturized! Protective styles, steam treatments and silk pillow cases…I do it all. But nothing beats a good hair masque. A hot steamy shower is when I like to slather this amazing smelling masque on my hair. After a good intense shampoo I put this on my hair with a plastic shower cap (saran wrap works too) and enjoy my shower before rinsing this out. I usually keep it on for 10-15 minutes. If I want a REALLY intense masque, like if I have been using gel all week, I will sit under a dryer and really get a moisturizing session in! And OMG…this product smells so good Bae will bury his nose in your hair!

Sexy Body Part: Hair, Especially Natural Hair

Price: $36.00

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2. Hair La Vie | Moroccan Repair Serum

When your hair is clean keeping it needs instant moisture. I love Argan Oil and the Hair La Vie repair serum is a premium lightweight serum for your hair. It smells amazing and it comes in a really easy to use bottle with a little pump! I am here for it and I really like the Hair La Vie brand in total. It’s clean, and it also smells awesome! If you want Bae to massage your scalp, this is the product to do it with!…its particularly awesome for hair growth.

Sexy Body Part: Hair

Price: $30

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3. Eyes | by ToGoSpa

My eyes get tired on a regular basis. Tired eyes is the first indication of exhaustion and age. I am not about to accept that. So I revel in Eyes by ToGoSpa! Throw these puppies in the fridge and after your evening shower lay down with the little gel under eye treatmeans. In minutes you look refreshed! No, really. If you are on the way out this is also an awesome pre-date treatment. Youthful and alive eyes are defintely an awesome way to get sexy for your man. No, you do NOT have to put them in the fridge, but I love them chilled and it seems to reduce ALL eye baggage!

Sexy Body Part: Face/Eyes

Price: $8.99 for 3 Sets

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4. Benefit | BeneBalm

There is nothing sexier than a nice juicy and smooth pair of lips. One of my favorite beauty products is lip balm-period. BeneBalm is non-make-up makeup. This lip balm is SUPER hydrating and feels so good on your lips! It is lightly tinted with a little pink/red color and it smells like roses. You cannot beat this lip balm and it doesn’t make your lips dry after a few hours forcing you to put MORE on in a gross dry lip cycle. I am totally down for this balm and it has a place in my purse pocket because it does not fail-especially if you were not beat to get beat (all made up) in the morning. There is nothing like sexy kissable lips!

Sexy Body Part: Lips

Price: $18.00

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5. Ole Henriksen | Truth Serum Collagen Booster

Sometimes my face needs a little extra TL Vitamin C. As the seasons change my skin tends to get a little dry and dull. This Truth Serum is light, fabulous and is perfect for the morning or the evening. SKin brigtening and collagen plumping is important for all of us as we age a little and this product is nice in regards to reducing fine lines.

Sexy Body Part: Face

Price: $49.00

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6. Ole Henriksen | Sheer Transformation

I am partial to cream as a moisturizer for my skin. This Ole Henriksen cream is nice, light and gives you a nice veil of moisturizing beauty for your skin. If you are going to get close to your sweetheart tonight this is a nice way to be smooth and take care of your skin for the future. This is a “go-to” skin cream and I am all about it. This is best when you are going to get made up. It is easy to layer make-up on top of it.

Sexy Body Part: Face

Price: $42.00

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7. Sarah McNamara | Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm

On an almost daily basis I wear this miracle balm. It is a nice blend between being a cream and an oil. I LOVE it before bed because it is thick. But I wear it in the morning as well. It is my absolute “go to” and I even travel with it. Its very hydrating and when the winters get COLD and ashy patches materialize, this is my right hand beauty product! The only thing that I dont love about it is the smell. It is slightly clinical, however its well worth the effects and melts into your skin like butter.

Sexy Body Part: Face

Price: $11.00

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8. OGX | Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil

There is no fragrance quite like this In shower oil. Be careful, bae might just jump in the shower with you if you start putting this on in the shower. This is also a nice massage oil for some personal play. It feels amazing and smells even better. Occaisionally I actually put some of this in my hair to just give it a little boost of “smell good.” I love layering good products and this is a “do not skip” products if you want to keep it sexy for your man!

Sexy Body Part: Hair and Skin

Price: $12.00

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9. Kiehl’s | Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado

Girl yes. Two snaps up on this eye treatment. I do not currently have another eye cream that I am obsessed with in the same way that I am obsessed with this Kiehl’s. I was on 4th st in Berkeley and I waltzed into the Kiehl’s store and I have loved it ever since. What I love about this eye cream is that you can use it under AND over your eyes! Also, its so thick that it makes for an awesome face cream, but I dont use it as a skin care product often. Only bad part…I over use this product and I am always worried that I am going to be out of it!

Sexy Body Part: Eyes

Price: $60.00

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10. DS Laboratories | Cellulite Reducing Gel

Cellulite is just kind of what happens to some of us, it does not mean that we have to accept it tho! I use this gel each and every time that I hop out of the shower. I do not miss. I love that I dont have to crazy rub it in, I can just apply it like a regular lotion. I feel like it has defintely made a difference in my thighs and a**. I don’t have horrible cellulite, but because I dont want to I use this product to be proactive (along with excercise) and keep it sexy for my man!

Sexy Body Part: Thighs & Buttocks

Price: $22.00

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11. Nubian Heritage | Hand & Body Scrub (Patchouli & Buriti)

This is the sexiest scrub that I have ever used. Its anti-aging, brightening AND exfoliating. But the real tea on this scrub is that it smells so sexy and makes your skin so smooth and silky…and if a few crystals end up in Bae’s mouth…its ok!…because it tastes good too (no its not edible). This product will not last long but it is the BEST way to make your entire bathroom and home (if its small) smell amazing. I also really love the family and humble beginnings of this product! It will work wonders on your most rough of spots, like knees, elbows and summertime sandal torn feet. Yes to this scrub. This is the ONLY scrub that I am currently using.

Sexy Body Part: Whole Body, excluding face

Price: $16.00

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12. Hawaiian Tropic | Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

The sun is a blessing and a curse. I love the rosy-brown color that I get in the summertime, but our skin must be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This Hawaiian Tropic “lotion sunscreen” smells awesome, protects and is light. As a Brown skinned girl we may have melanin but it doesnt mean that we should just be out and about in the sun. I love this product because it can double as a moisturizer. Sometimes I am in a rush and “dont judge me” but I keep this in the car and it keeps my skin moisturized and safe. It is 30 SPF and the coconut scent is the best of ANY sunscreen that I have ever used.

Sexy Body Part: Face and Body

Price: $11.00

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13. Rimmel London | The Only 1 Lipstick | 510 Best of the Best

Red lipstick always. In the boardroom, on the beach in the bedroom. Red Lipstick always. The trouble with Red Lipstick…its drying. Not this lipstick. Best of the Best is amazing, it was designed to be ultra hydrating while retaining major color…and it WINS! Red lipstick is all about that pin-up girl look and most definitely keeps it sexy for your man. This red lipstick will keep his eyes and mind on you and your lips! This tube is also SUPER affordable!! So score a FEW of these and keep them on hand!

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Sexy Body Part: Lips

Price: $6.49

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14. Glow for a Cause | Body Butter

Glow For A Cause Keep it Sexy For Your Man







Its about that time to be dry. But Glow for a Cause keeps you super smooth. One of the most important ways to be sexy is to avoid dry skin and ashiness. Glow for a Cause is an ultra premium body butter that is perfect for cold winter days. It also smells really good and the thickness of the body butter will keep you smooth and sexy for hours!…especially if you are fresh out of the shower. This is something that you and Bae could enjoy massaging on each other. I also love that 5% of the products go towards really fantastic non-profit agencies that give back. Elbows, knees, ankles…yes.

Sexy Body Part: Entire Body

Price: $16.00

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I hope that you enjoy and purchase some or ALL of these products to keep it sexy for your man, yourself or your future man. I have been working to keep it sexy for a while now and it makes for a good self-esteem.

Sharelle D. Lowery

Full Disclosure: Some of these products I received as samples to facilitate a review. I will only ever positively review a product that I love and that I can stand behind. If you purchase from some of these links, I may receive compensation and its appreciated.

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