5 Places That You Should Not Wear Yoga Pants!

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I Heart Yoga Pants. Next to losing weight and making money yoga pants are like my favorite thing. I work from home about 70% of the time and I slip them on in the morning so that I am gym ready whenever I have a few moments to sneak off to Curves.

5 Places - Yoga Pants

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However, there are some places that Yoga pants are NOT acceptable, not even for the fittest body. Let’s go ahead and discuss those locations.

1. Work

I know, why not? Well because the casualness that Yoga pants create are not professional enough for work. This includes an interview. Girl, please don’t. The only exception is if you work in the fitness industry.

2. A Date

Yoga pants are comfortable, but if your body is not A-1 a more forgiving outfit would probably make you and your date feel better.

3. With a Polo

So I know that “with a polo” is not a location, but after trying it myself, I know that its not appropriate.

4. Church

Girllll……don’t try it. Jesus would not do it.
Yes, the Lord welcomes us ALL. I am not talking about people who do not have any other options (so don’t even go there with me). I am talking about you who were either too lazy or you thought that you were too sexy to put on God-Fearing pants.

5. Events for Your Children

Le Sigh. So I do not have neither chicken nor child…but what I DO know, is that children are not nice and neither are their parents. When little Timmy’s mother comes to PTA meetings or on the field trip in Yoga pants…

Your kids are going to end up in counseling because of what their friends said about you and your email address will be removed from the school email list and you will NOT be invited to be parent of the day….because…well you thought that Yoga pants were OK and you were not doing Yoga.

Yoga Pants Also Have These Tricky Names

In case you are not sure if you are one of these Yoga pants offenders, you may be if you are wearing:

  • Stretch Pants
  • Biker Pants
  • Exercise Pants

Why You Cannot Wear Yoga Pants Everywhere

There are a couple of reasons why you should not wear Yoga pants in a few public places.

  • You might be too heavy for these revealing pants and NOBODY wants to see that cellulite coming through those pants.
  • You may be too thin and there is nothing worse than Yoga pants that you are swimming in
  • You may be showing all of that camel toe….eople who have camel toe either do not realize it OR they just don’t give a damn. Either way, the outline of your V is private-keep it that way
  • They are too casual for most places…Take pride in your appearance, take some time to get dressed. You will feel better about yourself and so will the people around you
  • They are FOR working out, they are not jeans, even Jeggings are usually a problem

Holla back if you dont agree with me or if you do! And if you have any questions about Good Wine, Good Behavior or The Good Life Click Here & I will answer!

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