How To Beauty Detox From the Inside Out

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“This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.”

With the Fall in full swing and hearty, delicious comfort foods everywhere my tummy has been taking a toll on the way that I was feeling and my skin has been looking dull and tired.


I knew that it was time for a change so I started with a trip to the local pharmacy at WalMart with my little Sister and we rocked it out. Nature Made has a nice selection of supplements and I am super excited to be an ambassador for Nature Made for the next few months and I will be doing to total beauty detox from the inside out. You know when you need more probiotics in your system to clean out your large AND small intestine, that is me right now.


The awesome thing about Nature Made®, is that they are the #1 Pharmacist Recommended brand in most vitamin catergories which to me equates to quality!


Eating good food and having the occaisional glass of wine with friends and family is what defines good the good life for me, so that is not going to change. However I am adding some very important supplements into my life to maintain my tummy health and to take care of myself MIND, BODY & BEAUTY!…especially the beauty part of that!

Recipe for a Quick Start Beauty Detox

Dry Hair Remedy

Vitamin C
500 mg of Vitamin C has been said to improve your immune system and help your hair and skin achieve greater vitality, you know that I am here for ALL of that. During the fall and winter months my hair gets super dry. Vitamin C can help prevent split ends and promote hair growth!

Energy and Vitality

VitaMelts Energy B12
Energy is something that I struggle with regularly, regardless of the season. In the fall there are more demands which makes me more exhausted and my energy is zapped. I hate drinking 4 cups of coffee per day and VitaMelts give you the right type of energy blast with no afternoon dip. They also taste pretty good too. Just pop one of these tasyt babies in your mouth and its ON! B12 also helps with those who have anemia issues and fatigue.

Good Gut Health

Digestive Probiotics
Taking a probiotic is super important. An unhappy stomach can stop ANY day just like the flu. Before any of that happens, taking a GOOD probiotic helps me to support good digestive balance and a healthy gut. Its also gentle enough that you can keep your everyday activities going so that the only difference that you will notice is great skin and a stomach that is NOT upset!

How the Nature Made® Digestive Probiotic Can Help Your Tummy Blues

For the small intestine:
-Relieve Bloating
-Cut down on Gas
-Relieve abdominal discomfort

For the large intestine:
-Relieve constipation
-Keeps you regular

And there are 15 billion live cultures per serving!


Skin and Nails

Fish Oil
FIsh Oil is so much more than skin and nails, but I am super excited about what it does for me-especially during dry, cold weather. Fish Oil also helps in controling Eczema and those tough winter blues.

Bone and Collagen

Triple Flex (Vitamin D3)
The Nature Made Triple Flex with Vitamin D is awesome for joint health and muscle tone. Muscle tone is no joke in maintaining and collagen from the MSM is a girls dream!


A few quick things to remember:

1. Keep your vitamins in a constant line of site.
I advise the counter top or in a cabinet that you open every day! You do not want to miss any days to detox!

2. Eat healthy while you are taking new vitamins. You have to help your body, add lots of leafy greeen veggies, clean meats and kill the fried foods.

3. Drink lots of water! I know that people say this all of the time but I drink a gallon of water a day (or at least I try) because it cleans my entire system daily! Water is like a mini daily detox.

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Help your body to take care of you.

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Sharelle D. Lowery

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