Kanye West wants MultiRacial Women ONLY

Kanye West Wants MultiRacial Women Only For His Next Project #ColorCurlsAndCurves

I do not exactly know when I starting hating Kanye West. It was a gradual process and a painful one because I used to love Kanye West. Like Love him. […]

Blue Ivy Memes

Why Blue Ivy Memes Are Not Funny #ColorCurlsandCurves

Princess Blue Ivy Carter is heir to the Carter throne. Her father is JayZ arguably one of the best rappers of all time and a business mogul and her mother […]

Gabby Douglas Edges

Gabby Douglas And Her Edges Matter

Gabby Douglas is amazing. I have been enthralled with her since I was exposed to her during the London Olympics. I remember people having so much to say about her […]

How to Get Your Pretty Back

How to Get Your Pretty Back #ColorCurlsAndCurves

Work, work, work, work, work….and I don’t mean like Rihanna. Between work and family and rest. I forgot to be pretty. Most people know me as gregarious, friendly and most […]

Who Bails Out Black Girls

Saving CindaBlacka, Who Bails Out Black Girls?

My favorite fairy tale is Cindarella, by far. The most important message prevails. If you work hard, do the right thing, treat people well (even if they don’t treat you […]