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Its FINALLY here…the Good Beauty List! All of my favorite (and effective) Good Beauty products! These are all good products for the ever changing seasons that kill our hair and skin!

I will be sure and include links, discount codes and my personal experience with these specific products.

Good Hair

Camille Rose | Curl Love Moisture Milk
How Often I Use This Product: Daily
I am in love with prodcuts that love on my curls and help me to control my hair when I am pulling it back in a bun. Camille Rose has a delicious hair product that I use almost every day, Curl Love. Camille Rose calls it a Moisture Milk, I call it an easy and good smelling life saver. I dont like gel or other products that control hair. I am mostly interested in retaining moisture and keeping my hair healthy. This product is made from Rice Milk and Macadamia Oil. I also really dig that this is a MOMprenuer product.
Type of Product: Hair Moisturizer and Light Control
Price: $16
Get Yours: Curl Love – Moisture Milk

Good Skin

Eucerin | Eucerin Original Healing
How Often I Use This Product: Twice Daily
This is absolutely my skin “go to.”
How I Use It: I wash my face with my chosen cleanser and when my face is damp and almost dry I apply this to my face. Its awesome for your night time beauty regimen. If you are going to use it in the day time (which I do as well) make sure that you have about an hour before you go outside to let the cream melt onto and into your skin. Otherwise you WILL have a super white face. The product is RICH to say the least! I love this above all other moisturizers.
Type of Product: Face and Body Moisturizer
Price: $12 – $15
Get Yours! >>>> Eucerin Original Healing Repair Crème – 4 oz


paris honore

Paris Honore | Champs De Lavande
How Often I Use This Product: 3-5 Times a Week
Paris Honore is a positively delightful and gentle cleanser. I found it to be very luxurious and the fragrance had me wanting to wash my face over and over again. I really dug that the product is hand blended and made especially for me and the gorgeous platinum colored metal container is super chic and looks really fabulous on your bathroom sink!
Type of Product: Facial Cleanser
Price: $110.00
Get Yours >>> Score Paris Honore Champs De Lavande

Good Body Care

African Black Soap | Nubian Heritage 
How Often I Use This Product: Twice Daily
I am an official lover of all Black Soaps, they are awesome for exfoliating skin and just neat because, well…they are Black. But there are most defintely levels to this. I am currently cleaning up with the Nubian Heritage Black Soap. I love the creamy and vanilla fragrance that the soap gives off when you use it. I also really love how the soap exfoliates my skin and its soothing and detoxifying if you have body acne. Also, the Nubian Heritage “start up story” is awesome and the line is made up of organic products AND use fair trade! Major Beauty WIN!
Type of Product: Body Soap
Price: $3.99
Get Yours: African Black Soap

Curel | Itch Defense Lotion
How Often I Use This Product: Daily
Curel has always been one of my favorite brands of moisturizer to keep my skin from getting dry. This summer has been really crazy….super hot and then freezing cold and it has done a number on my skin. Curel has this neat spray moisturizer that I like for a couple of reasons. First of all, the spray is awesome and its light and it feels good getting sprayed on. My skin is super silky after I rub it in. I love it for elbows and especially for my ashy prone feet. I dig the price point and if you suffer from suffer from dry skin like Eczema, you are in luck, the National Eczema Association is smacked on the label.
Type of Product: Skin Moisturizer | Lotion
Price: $8.99
Get Yours: Curel Itch Defense Lotion

Good Health & Fitness

SST GLOW | Beauty & Appetite Pills
How Often I Use This Product: 2-5 Times per week
I am BIG on beauty on the inside OUT! I was cruising around the GNC one day and I was turned onto these Performix Pills. Nope, not habir forming unless your habit is good skin, hair and nails along with a trimmed down appetite. I adore these little pills and I have two to five of these per week. Be careful, they are full of caffeine and a little strong but they sometimes replace my AM coffee!
Type of Product: Beauty Pills
Price: $40.00
Get Yours: SST GLOW
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DS Labratories | Cellulite Reducing Gel
How Often I Use This Product: 1-2 Times Per Day
Cellulite Sucks, but this gel does not! I have been using it almost every day right after my morning and sometimes evening showers. What I like about this product is that I do NOT have to massage it all crazy into my skin like other cellulite products. Its also NOT sticky like other cellulite products. I also noticed a difference in my thighs and bum. I was surprised. The fact that this product is easily available online and REALLY WORKS is awesome. You want to give this product a consistent 3+ weeks to start seeing results and of course they are always better if you are getting your water in AND working out.
Type of Product: Cellulite Reducing Gel
Price: $38.99
Get Yours: Cellulite Reducing Gel

Good Fragrance

Loving | Revelations Perfume
How Often I Use This Product: 3 Times Per Week, Sexy Date Night Fragrance
I am a lover of Fragrance. It sets the scene, be it a day with my sweets or a night of self pampering and beauty. Loving is a wonderful fragrance for both of these and whenever I wear it I am bombarded with compliments. The fragrance also has a beautiful story as sweet as its aroma. I appreciate that it doesn’t smell like something that you can just get anywhere. Loving has a delightful smell that is like a party to your senses ringing of timeless jasmine and patchouli. Its designer level and worth every penny because its proceeds benefit the National Children’s Cancer Society.
revelations perfume loving fragrance
Type of Product: Fragrance
Price: $100 (but $50.00 goes to the NCCS)
Score a bottle of Loving: Exclusively online at: Revelations Perfume.







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