Kanye West wants MultiRacial Women ONLY

Kanye West Wants MultiRacial Women Only For His Next Project #ColorCurlsAndCurves

Color Curls & Curves

I do not exactly know when I starting hating Kanye West.

It was a gradual process and a painful one because I used to love Kanye West. Like Love him. He was the type of guy that you totally wanted to take home to meet your parents, smart, attractive, kinda broken (the face) and he loved Delta Girls. His words spoke vulnerability to my generation and College Dropout was everything. He was like the male, hip hop version of Lauryn Hill. I guess they both ended up like two piles of creative sh*t.

I generally ignore him and even pitied him, after losing his Mother, Donde West, it seemed that he just started going crazy. Crazy clothes, crazy talk and Krazy women. After he married Kim Kardashian (who I sometimes like), I realized that he was gone and no longer could be considered a creative but a media whore and in the words of Mr. Wonderful, he was “Dead to me.”

I do not follow Kanye West on Twitter however, this post has been retweeted so many times, it eventually caught my internet eye.

Kanye West

Yes, you read that correctly. Multiracial women only. Have you clutched your pearls yet?

So maybe Kanye just wants to do a video with a grown up version of North West for some “Daddy” type of song. You know that he is weird.

Typecasting is nothing new, especially in Hollywood where your look is more important than your talent, but he didn’t even want to entertain the possibility that a full-blooded Black, Asian, Latina or White woman might roll up in there. Nope, Brother needed a swirly type of girl. ONLY.

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Why Kanye West and His Request is a Problem

This request for muti-racial women is a problem because it states that this desired level of beauty is the highest. And no matter what any of us say, it’s offensive.

What color is muticultural anyway? Is he looking for a light skinned woman or a dark skinned woman…does he just want “exotic features?” Multi-Racial does not immediately mean that you look like Alicia Keyes, but multi-cutural is clearly code word for Black girls pass on this casting call.

What if you are “light enough” to look like you are mixed and can even pass (guffaw) as mixed? Will there be a 23 and Me test to figure out just who your parents are? And what races are desired? Why not just say #LSLH? In case you don’t know what this hashtag means… light skinned, long hair.

Why Black Girls Should Not Be Mad Tho

I have written about Kanye West in the past, I generally try and ignore him, but this could not go ignored.

Colorism is the silent divide that stops Black girls from loving each other (and sometimes our own selves) and while it stems from slavery, Black Men do a fine job of keeping it going. Fortunately ALL Black men do not feel like this (big sigh), but since Kanye does the most…. The biggest way to stop his type of ignorance is to stop buying his music and media. He has enough money to last him for a long time and white people and others love his WB style tap-dancing enough to keep him wealthy for generations to come, so he doesn’t need yours coins.

I mean unless you are multi-racial and do not feel offended by the request then Kanye West should also be “dead to you.”


A Non MultiRacial Girl
Sharelle D. Lowery

One thought on “Kanye West Wants MultiRacial Women Only For His Next Project #ColorCurlsAndCurves

  • The optimist in me hopes that the call for this type of woman means that he already has the dark and milk chocolate women covered for the video and wants to include women who are not brown-skinned. But who am I kidding? We shall see

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