Meet Sharelle! is a lifestyle site covering Sharelle D. Lowery’s thoughts on Good Behavior, Good Wine and the Good Life!

Meet Sharelle D. Lowery

Join Sharelle on her journey via her writing, impromptu Facebook Live Video posts and Shady Snapchats. You can always follow her on just about every social platform as @ClassySharelle.

Sharelle is a single, sassy and sophisticated chick with an “Urban Authentic” twist that is half Hillary Banks and the other Half Cookie Lyons.

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You may have seen her writing on / and BlogHer. She has partnered with amazing brands from Target to Kia Motors and always brings fresh thoughts and All Good Things!…all while encouraging you to Stay Classy!

Sharelle will always bring you the best, classiest and most up to date “very good things!”

Feel Free to contact her via email ( or via phone at 510-414-2369.