Gabby Douglas Edges

Gabby Douglas And Her Edges Matter

Gabby Douglas is amazing. I have been enthralled with her since I was exposed to her during the London Olympics. I remember people having so much to say about her […]

No New Friends

No New Friends?

We all love Hip Hop mantra’s like Yolo and No New Friends. But who can really live their lives like rap stars?…not even rap stars with their rented lives and […]

bedhead locks classy beauty

The Classy Way to Slick Down Locks on the Go!

I received a LOT of compliments on the Unit that I was wearing at the White Party. I call her Joseline Hernandez. She is long, black and gives me that […]

How to Get Your Pretty Back

How to Get Your Pretty Back #ColorCurlsAndCurves

Work, work, work, work, work….and I don’t mean like Rihanna. Between work and family and rest. I forgot to be pretty. Most people know me as gregarious, friendly and most […]

White Party Snapchats 2016

My SnapChats and Instasnaps from the White Party!

Last Night I was partying at the Bay Area’s White Party. It was lots of fun and we all looked like little Black Angels! Check out my Snapchats and Instasnaps […]

Who Bails Out Black Girls

Saving CindaBlacka, Who Bails Out Black Girls?

My favorite fairy tale is Cindarella, by far. The most important message prevails. If you work hard, do the right thing, treat people well (even if they don’t treat you […]

Decline a Fundraising Invitation

The Classy Way to Decline a Fundraising Invitation

Declining an invitation is always a slightly painful experience, especially if the invitation is from a good friend. There is The Classy Way to do anything, even saying no thank […]

What to Expect at Wine Events

The World of Wine has been a changing landscape over the past 10 years that I have been drinking wine. It has become slightly more diverse, more urban becuase of […]

Could You Go To Jail For Revenge Porn?

Revenge Porn is a thing. And Social Media is making it a much more frightening situation. What is Revenge Porn? Revenge Porn is a private message or video that was […]

Poppy Pinot Noir 2013 ClassySharelle Wine Review

Poppy Pinot Noir 2013

There are times that I am not looking to have a beefy, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon. Sometimes I want something light but dry…and not a white wine. That is when I […]