Selecting a Grad Chapter

Selecting a Grad Chapter #MyGradChapterJourney


It is 2016 and it has been a long time since my Delta card was “active.” Life, family, work and just not wanting to be “involved” kept me from being excited about being involved at the Graduate Chapter level and of course Selecting a Grad Chapter.

I have always had Prophytes, Sands and Neo’s that I have been very close to. Some of these Sorors of course are some of the most active of Deltas. What I love about these Sorors is that they never pressured me to “get back into the fold” but only ever encouraged me. I am thankful to them and I am excited about the second leg of my own journey through Delta Sigma Theta Land.

For those who are not familiar with Black Greek Life, the service and social life only increases after graduation. The responsibilities grow and the networking moves from chatting about where the next set out is to where the next possible job is or how to network get greater access to business connections, political connections or better schools for your children. The network is strong and powerful if you use it correctly and give back to it.

To be early…I’m late tho! Can’t wait to see my #XiChi Sorors and Hang with New Ones!! #HTC #DST

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While this is only my opinion on How to Select a Grad Chapter here are some really good points to remember:

Visit a Chapter Meeting before committing to join

Greek life is based on your word. Your word is truly your Bond. Dont break it. There is nothing wrong with visiting a few chapters in your local area before making a final choice. Every chapter has it’s own personality and you want to make sure that your spirit and that personality match.

Figure out your level of commitment

Some chapters are big and just getting involved is like a maze. These chapters are perfect for the Soror or Frat who is looking to pay dues, attend meetings and dip their toe back in. Understand that when selecting a grad chapter there is a minimum of a one year commitment (and you don’t want to be hopping from grad chapter to grad chapter). Smaller chapters have more work to do because they have less bodies.

Ask about what programs and projects they worked on the previous year

There is nothing wrong with asking about what has been done in the past year. The public service that has been performed will often times let you know if this is the best personal fit for you. And if you are moving into a new area, you may not know the local programs and projects.

Check out the Leadership

Due your due dillegence, check out the leadership. The chapter President and other leaders should be kind, giving and other people should want to follow them. I would avoid joining any chapter where you know “the gossip” before you get there. Eventually, you will become the gossip. A good leader focuses on inclusion, creativity and sisterly or brotherly behavior.

Prophytes got me #InTheCut #XiChi

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Join Because Its a Good Fit

There are some chapters that are prestigious, some are fun, others are a little Bougie. Figure out what chapter is going to be the best fit for you. Do not join because of what you can get out of your chapter, join because of what you can give back. It is very difficult to give back to a chapter where you are proud to say that you are in that chapter but cringe when thinking about the meetings or even a social event.

I am going to give you an honest birds eye view of my own grad chapter journey and I will use the hashtag #MyGradChapterJourney and I hope that you decide to get active or decide to join one of our beautiful Divine Nine Sisterhoods or Brotherhoods. What we do in our communities and for ourselves is powerful and impactful and we must preserve our cultural organizations for our future generations.

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Selecting a grad chapter is like choosing a church home. You pay your dues, attend regular meetings, follow leadership, work together and have fun together. You want to make sure that you are going to be delighted to serve alongside those Sorors. You give and you receive love, support and so much more. Choose wisely!

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