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The Classy Way to Enjoy A Black Greek Cookout if You Aren’t a Black Greek

Good Behavior

Labor Day is upon us and of course all of the Back to School Cookout invitations are out! I am excited to see some old friends have a little Omega Oil and take a few photos reminding me of younger days. One of the things that always makes me feel some type of way are people who come to Black Greek Cookouts all wrong and then get mad when me and my Sorors end up giving them a side eye. Here is a quick guide on how to Enjoy a Black Greek Cookout if you are not a Black Greek.

1. Do Not Come Rocking My Colors

Girl, we are not a gang. But please do not come like you are trying to pseudo represent. I might have had a red cup and accidentally call you a Soror, then get mad when I find out that you out here in these streets pretending. Just wear Black or whatever.

2. Be Friendly

There is a way TO BE at any cookout (Black Greek or Not). Be friendly, talkative and chill. Nobody is trying to get to know you because “we don’t know you.” But if you join in the convo, we most definitely will give you a spot on the cookout blanket. I love talking to anybody who is funny and friendly.

Black Greek Cookout 2

3. Offer to TAKE the Black Greek Cookout Picture

Because you do NOT need to be IN the picture. When we all get together and start “throwing up” our signs, that is not an invitation for you to join in the picture because you think that its cute. OMG…Trust me it isn’t.

Real Life ClassySharelle Story

I was actually at an event and this girl jumped in the Greek picture and threw up the AKA pinky. We were all like, I didn’t know that she was an AKA. Then we took another picture and then she threw up the Delta. I quickly checked her and gave her a little education. Some people just don’t know-and I don’t mind taking you back to school.

4. Be Easy on the Oil

I LOVE Oil, but I had to stop drinking it because it was taking me to that EXTRA level. This is what alcohol, and especially Omega Oil, is designed to do. Please have a cup, but don’t turn up. Somebody invited you to this event so do not make them regret it.

Black Greek Cookout

5. Let Your WannaBe Past Go

Please do not talk about the fact that you pledged, but did not cross. You are not about to get love or dap because you didn’t cross, finish or just didn’t pledge. It IS okay to say, “I always wanted to be a Delta.” I will invite you to the next Grad Chapter informational. If you are still in college, girl keep your mouth closed.

I do not usually have “Delta Business” conversation at the Cookout, I am usually sitting with my Sands and the Bruhs and laughing and talking and maybe taking pictures. So just relax, have a good time but remember that we are family and we have ways. Good behavior at a Black Greek event is like displaying good behavior anywhere.

Super Tip: Wear Shades in case you throw an unnecessary side eye. You don’t want somebodies Sands to see you looking crazy.

If you have some questions about how to behave at ANY Black Greek event, Tweet me and Ask! I will always be straight up and help you to avoid embarrassment.

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