Decline a Fundraising Invitation

The Classy Way to Decline a Fundraising Invitation

Good Behavior

Declining an invitation is always a slightly painful experience, especially if the invitation is from a good friend. There is The Classy Way to do anything, even saying no thank you to a good cause. Check out my Classy advice on how to Decline a Fundrasing Invitation.

Decline a Fundraising Invitation ASAP

The most important thing to do is to decline the invitation as soon as possible. When people are hosting events they need to know how much food and drink and any giveaways to have prepared. If you initially thought that you were going to be able to go, let the host know that you will not be able to attend.

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Send A Thank You But No Thank You

In the same manner that you received the invitation (email, text, snail mail) respond to the invitation with regrets. Do not respond to a snail mail invitation with a text. If it is the last minute, give your host a phone call and follow up with a mailed or electronically sent donation.

Give a Fundraising Donation

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Along with your regrets, make sure that you send some form of a donation (if you agree with the mission). This show of support will most definitely be appreciated and remembered in the future for your future endeavors. Also, make sure that you notify your host that you have made a donation if the gift does not go directly to the person who invited you.

If You Cannot Afford a Donation

Class is not reserved for people with money, it is a description for people who respect decorum. Politely decline the invitation and let them know that your thoughts are with their cause but that you will be unable to make a finanacial donation at this time.

Ask About the Event

After the event reach out to the host via email or telephone about how the event went. It is the polite thing to do and will make the host feel that you did not simply avoid their event.

Why should you decline an invitation for a fundraising event in this manner?…because its The Classy Way.

How do you decline a fundraising invitaiton?

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