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I woke up very late in the morning today. I was awake until after Roland Martin went off the air for todays, News One Now. Strangely it comforted me. In a way that MSNBC, CNN and no other news station could.

He spouted facts about why WE (Team Hillary ) lost.

Then there were my Friends on Facebook. I generally don’t put a LOT of credence on Facebook. However, last night a LOT of my “friends” who felt the same way that I did also could not rest. We all posted and talked our way through this new development. It really helped. Thank you, Social Media.


Today, the sun is shining in Sunny California. More than gripe another day (okay I might gripe another week), I feel like we all need to have individual plans for ourselves.

What are you going to do to make your life better – immediately?

It may not be politically focused, but if it is, who are you trying to put up in 2020? Better yet there are several seats coming up in 2018-where are you at my progressive voters?

I personally have been awash in the filth that is has been this dirty political campaign. I am taking it off like a soaking wet coat that was drenched in the rain. I am ready for a new day.


I am working on some new plans for my life, I hope that you are too. I am creating a new set of personal commandments to put up positivity for the Day After Tomorrow:

1. Be more intentional.
Stop going through the motions. Let it all mean something. Live life richly and be amazed at what you can do when you are not doing the bare minimums just to maintain your status quo.

2. Travel More.
I know, it’s kinda played. People have said that. But even if this just means weekend getaways. All of this “sleep when I die” conversation is ridiculous. Let’s meet on the beach, reading a good book while sharing good conversation.

3. Get a personal cause.
Maybe its animals, maybe it’s the environment, maybe it’s a political candidate or cause. A lot of what happened in this election is that Hillary was not “our candidate.” We wanted HER in, but she was not the one we (me) made phone calls for or knocked on doors for. Find your personal cause and as it defines you – define how it can impact the world.

4. Don’t take it so seriously.
It being the twists and turns of life. Enjoy the roller coaster and hug the edges.

5. Make peace with who you are and who other people are.
If you have a bone to pick with somebody, pick it and make friends. I am mad at some people and I don’t even know why. Something that happened in college. Really, I’m 38 tho. I have found that situations that you have not resolved are destined to come back until you fix them.

make tomorrow great again

6. Read more.
I used to devour books. Now I am like, “Lawd, let me get in a chapter of Scripture.” How can you grow if you are not reading? How can you write if you are not gleaning from other great works? Read, read experiences that other people have from other life experiences. Read motivational books and most importantly read your devotional book-for me that’s the Word. And have an actual goal. Is that one book per month? More?

7. Try new stuff.
Doing the same thing over and over again leads to basic living. Try new foods, meet new people, wear a new color, finally do that thing that you have been threatening to do. Live your new life – everyday.

8. Be honest with yourself and live in your REAL truth.
My unreal truth is that I am happy with my weight and I look good. My Real truth is that I hate the extra pounds, they are aging me (even though I still look good) and they make me a little tired. My real truth is that working out and clean eating needs to happen for me to live my best life. Identify any UNTRUTHS (lies) that you have maybe told yourself just to get by and get over them and yourself. Everybody else knows you are carrying around that extra weight, be it visible or not.

9. Recommit yourself to your God.
I am not saying to go get saved again (although that is always a good idea). I AM saying that even if you are in church every Sunday make sure that you and your creator are in line. Make sure that you are on the path to where you are supposed to be.

10. Remove Toxicity and Increase positivity.
When there are negative experiences in your life, work to remove them. I mean really work to remove them. Also, make a REAL effort to stay peaceful. Be careful about what you watch, listen to and what you yourself actually say. I find myself in a better place when I am turning the television off and listening to my own thoughts or listening to positive music. This could be Gospel, motivational music or just music that reminds you of a positive experience.

These are not some old basic New Year’s Resolutions. They might change. This is a living breathing body, that can be altered for a better life…just like me.

What are you going to do, the day after tomorrow?

Sharelle D. Lowery

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