What to Expect at Wine Events

Good Behavior, Good Wine

The World of Wine has been a changing landscape over the past 10 years that I have been drinking wine. It has become slightly more diverse, more urban becuase of Moscato’s popularity, younger people enjoying wine and there are many more “wine events.” Le Sigh.

As a Bay Area girl, Napa is a 30-45 minute drive away from my front door. So we go “wine tasting” at wineries-often. We also have tasting rooms popping up in cities everywhere from Oakland to Livermore and in so many quaint cities in between. So I don’t love wine events…because I don’t have to. They feel unauthentic most of the time. Don’t judge me-I’m a Lil Wine Bougie. And sometimes the people pouring wines at these “wine events” are volunteers at the events or hourly workers hired to pour-only.

So before you score your $70.00 ticket to a wine event, let me give you the break down on the experience.

1. Just come for wine.

Do not want to get to “know” the winery or even learn more about wine. The pourers need to serve you and 1000 other wannabe wino’s.

2. The Spit Cup/Bowl

Inevitably there will be wine that you don’t like. You have to do something with the wine. Most people pour it into a bowl that 200 other people pour their wine into. Splish-Splash. It is the most disgusting, backwashed experience. Just yuck. I bring my own disposal mechanism. A water bottle is perfect.

The Hood Bonus: A gang of swill for later that night or the next day. Thank me later.

Me & Happy Jack from #coppolawines

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3. Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes.

Wine is chill and is not dressy, do not be fooled. I actually have a dress that I call my “wine tasting dress” because wine spills (especially when you have had too much) and you need a highly patterned outfit to mask your spills and splashes.

4. They heard you like cows.

I went to an event (Uncorked), where there were a few different “sessions.” They heard you like cattle out of your sessions. Uhhh…Im drunk already!

5. Eat, Eat, Eat.

Whenever I know that it’s going to be a “wine tasting day” I always eat a high carb breakfast. Your body needs something for that wine to absorb so that you dont get sick…or just too damn drunk early in the day. Also, I suggest that you bring crackers or a granola bar in your purse. If you can buy food at the event, that’s good too.

This sandwich gave me new life! #classysharelle

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6. There aren’t usually seats.

If you cannot stand and walk around for several hours…you may not like the “wine event” experience.
Wine events, so much different from visiting a tasting room…you have already paid your way. When you go to a tasting room, they are really trying to acquire a long lasting customer. They want to make you comfortable and they want you to have a seat and sip, buy and subscribe.

Girls Night Out!

7. Drink, Drink, Drink

Nope, I dont mean more wine – you are going to do that anyway. I am talking about good old water. Staying hydrated is important. Water is not always readily available so if you see a table with bottled water-score two. One for now and one for later. Drinking lots of wine inevitably makes you more thirsty.

8. Expect to buy and not take wine home.

Some wineries will have “festival or show deals” and you can score wine for a little less expensively than you can get it at BevMo or the grocery store. However, in California, you cannot legally buy and take wine away at wine events. WTH! For me, having to buy wine after I attend a wine event at a grocery store is anti-climactic. While I wait for my wine to arrive in the mail.

Just Come for the Wine

Wine events are designed for the novice who just wants to get drunk or for a girls night out. I suggest finding your local wineries and tasting rooms if you want to get more “healthy pours” or if you want to learn more about the wines that you are tasting and eventually purchasing.

For more information about local wine events join our email list and I will keep you posted with Class.

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