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When You Are Tired of Being Petty

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Every year there seem to be mantra’s that become really huge and permiate through pop culture like “on Fleek” or “I feel some type of way.” Yes, y’all remember these sayings….yes sometimes we still say them. However, there was a permiating theme that has lasted too long and simply has to go. Being Petty.

Yes, being petty can be hilarious and fun but it typically comes at the expense of somebody else. Not fun. Sometimes they don’t know about it, other times they are well aware of your petty behaviors and words.

When I Decided to Stop Being Petty

I have/had a friend and together we were just vitriolic. Being cute and smart can be a blessing and a curse. While I would have fun while I was with her, I felt like shit after we would hang out. As I have gotten older I wanted to be better, make people feel better contribute more…not be bitchy. I started puling back from her and then I started just not commenting when she would say petty stuff (even though I totally wanted to join in to our mean girls conversation, even more I was tired of being petty). Eventually we were at an event together and she called me a bitch. Yes, she did. No, I didnt call her a bitch back either. I was a little hurt and then I heard my inner voice say, “How many people did you both call people bitches when chatting? Of course she would call you one.” Hanging out with her made me a bigger one, she was right I was a bitch. However, I didn’t want to be one anymore.

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After that I decided that I was tired of being petty and I have an underlying desire to uplift others, not tear them down. While I am still cordial with that chick (no need to be negative), I probably wont ever hang out with her again one on one. I don’t want to slip back into those petty ways.

If you know that you have a higher calling to encourage others cut out the part of you that is petty and discard it. The only way to cure a disease is to first aknowledge it.

How can you expect to be uplifted to a higher level when you are constantly brigning others down?

Sharelle D. Lowery

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