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Why Blue Ivy Memes Are Not Funny #ColorCurlsandCurves

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Princess Blue Ivy Carter is heir to the Carter throne. Her father is JayZ arguably one of the best rappers of all time and a business mogul and her mother is Beyonce. Beyonce is The Queen of everything entertainment, beauty and now revolution. Few children will experience the lifestyle of Baby Bey regardless of color or ethnic background. She is already trend setting for little Black Girls everywhere. From her fabulous curls and coils to her Baby Beyonce style to her signature Jay-Z stare. If you have a little Black Girl, you want her living the Blue Ivy life.

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At the 2016 MTV Music Awards Blu Ivy arrived on the scene twinning and show stopping with Beyonce looking like Mother/Daughter angels. Then the Meme’s began on Instagram. They were nasty, not funny and insulting of her budding Black Beauty and also insulting of ours. The Meme’s were displaying and pointing out how much she looks like her father, JayZ.

Looking like your father is a blessing, knowing your Father is even more important.

Some of these Internet jokesters who are creating these Meme’s cannot even identify their own fathers. Shade intended. Blue Ivy looks like her father. Stating that her beautiful nose, lips and look are masculine and unpretty is a disrespect to our heritage and her young beauty. While this may affect the Carter’s at a very low level of mostly aggravation, what about the little girls who have noses and lips like Blue Ivy. Are they supposed to feel unpretty? With the mass consumption of celebrity social media Black Girls cannot afford its princess to be disrespected. How are they supposed to feel as they scroll through Instagram?

Blue Ivy Memes

What is NOT adorable about Blue Ivy’s nose and mouth?…and why are we so quick to criticize?

The celebrity baby comparison’s online are deafening. Little Black Girls, like Black Women are constantly the recipient of being the brunt of beauty jokes. Nobody is saying anything about North West, she has anglo features and bearly brown skin. Nobody refers to Baby Future and his nose or skin color. And quite frankly nobody should. We constantly make jokes about people who look like us and then wonder why the world does not value our naturally made beauty.

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Who decides what is abhorrent and what is beautiful?

Blue Ivy and Beyonce

Social Media, traditional media and history will tell us that non-dominant genes are signs of beauty. Straght blonde hair, blue eyes, thin lips a nipped nose and fair skin. Those of us who do not fit into this mold should break the mold. I am not willing to follow in the footsteps of the late great Michael Jackson, Lil Kim and hundreds of other people who have treated skin whitening treatments like a tube of lipstick. All to blend in to what somebody else has told us what is beautiful.

In the good words of Beyonce herself,
“I like my baby heir with baby hair and Afros. I like my Negro nose with Jackson Five Nostrils.”

Why can’t you leave our looks alone? It usually and unfortunately starts with Black people and then others piggy back on the jokes that we tell about ourselves.

Let our girls live, not just for the sake of the Blue Ivy’s and Gabby Douglas’ of the world, but for the little Jasmine’s, Ayva’s and Imani’s of the world who will contemplate grabbing that skin bleaching cream or who will save up for a nose job and end up on Botched.

Love Your Blackness and Stop Liking, Reposting and Laughing at Meme’s disrespecting the evidence of Blackness.

Sharelle D. Lowery

One thought on “Why Blue Ivy Memes Are Not Funny #ColorCurlsandCurves

  • Thank you for writing this! People are envious of this family’s success and power and I believe that is the root of the nastiness toward this adorable child.

    She resembles BOTH parents and got the best from each of them. I would NEVER want someone to poke fun at how my child looks and any adult doing so needs to think about getting his/her nasty soul cleansed!

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